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Shawnee Peak

is once again Pleasant Mountain

The Return to Pleasant Mountain

We salute the legacy of this great Mountain

On September 14th, 2022 we returned to the original name of our ski area—the name it carried when the first trail was cut in 1938—to celebrate the mountain and the ski area's history, as well as to mark a new beginning as we look forward to the future of Pleasant Mountain.

Pleasant Mountain supporters were the catalyst for our change. They remained vigilant, vocal, and enthusiastic. Their opinions were validated when feedback gathered in a spring survey was overwhelmingly in support of bringing back the original name.

We are pleased to welcome you back to Pleasant Mountain.

Our Name

Long before people ever endeavored to strap skis to their feet, Pleasant Mountain stood watch over the Lake Region of Maine.

The name "Pleasant Mountain" resonates throughout New England for generations of people who have come here, not just to ski and ride, but to hike its summits and enjoy the unique beauty of this region.

It is a landmark, a destination, and a special place.

Pleasant Mountain Logo

Our Logo

Like Pleasant Mountains' name change, our new logo is inspired by Maine, our rich history in skiing, and the natural beauty of the Lake Region we call home. 

We started with the majestic red pine tree since it is one of the oldest trees in Maine and is well-known to visitors and locals.

The Polar Star pays homage to our Maine heritage and Pleasant Mountain's stunning year-round vistas. 

The skyline "wave" serves as our backbone and draws direct inspiration from the environment that surrounds us and what makes Pleasant Mountain special to everyone.

  • Dear Season Passholders and Friends,

    As you may recall, we sent a survey this past spring asking for feedback regarding a potential return to our original name. Your feedback was overwhelmingly in support of the change, and I am honored to announce that we will once more be known as Pleasant Mountain.

    The ski area opened in 1938 as Pleasant Mountain, taking the name from its physical location. In 1988, new owners opted to change the name to Shawnee Peak. Now, in 2022, we are returning to our roots and the Pleasant Mountain name. With the tremendous amount of history associated with this ski area, plus having new ownership and your support, I strongly feel that now is the right time to make this change.

    I treasure the many fond memories I have of learning to ski at Pleasant Mountain. Hours upon hours of riding up the East T-bar, Summit chair, and countless stops at the lodge for a 5-cent glazed donut, live in my memory like it was yesterday. These memories and many more were instrumental in framing my passion for skiing and the outdoors. Pleasant Mountain changed my life, just as it has others.

    It gives me great pleasure to return to our original name. I know that this ski area is poised for a great future so others may experience what many of us already have.

    Our team has worked hard to prepare for this moment. We invite you to visit our all-new website. You can expect to see updated signage when visiting this winter. What will not change are the familiar faces you have come to know over the years, the incredible history we have together, and the mountain you, your families, and friends have enjoyed for many winter seasons.

    We look forward to welcoming you very soon. Here is looking at an outstanding season ahead!


    Ralph Lewis, GM
    Pleasant Mountain