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Boyne Rewards Logo

Earn points for every dollar you spend at Pleasant Mountain.

We're part of the Boyne family - and that comes with many benefits for you.

With the BoyneRewards program, you can earn and redeem points for purchases you make at Pleasant Mountain, Sunday River, Sugarloaf, Loon Mountain, and all other Boyne resorts.

It is free, easy to join, and you earn one point for every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases. 


Boyne Rewards FAQ's

  • BoyneRewards is a loyalty program where customers earn points on purchases to be used at Pleasant Mountain and our sister resorts. Program details can be found at

  • BoyneRewards Pay with Points is a feature in our eCommerce store that allows a customer to spend their earned BoyneRewards points for online products. 

  • A BoyneRewards member must be logged in to see and use their points towards their eComm order. The option to Pay with Points appears on the Payment screen in the right-hand panel.

  • Yes, customers can use gift cards, vouchers, pay with points or a credit card, or any combination of these payment types for an eComm order. If several payments are applied, the minimum remaining amount of an order must be at least $50 to use points.

  • Yes. When they are logged into any resort eComm site, there is an icon on the main image that displays their points.

  • A BoyneRewards member needs at least 500 points to apply points to an order online. This equates to a $25 minimum value. The BoyneRewards Pay with Points pane will not display if a member has less than 500 points.

  • The minimum order amount in eComm to use points is $25.

  • A member can use any amount of points up to the total number of points they have available or up to the value of the order, they are purchasing. There is an APPLY MAX button that will either apply the max points up to the total of the order or the max number of points a customer has. 

  • There is a field that allows you to type in the amount you want to use. It will give you an error if you choose less than 500 points because it is below the minimum.

  • If you decide to change the number of points you want to apply, click the REMOVE/EDIT link to make the Pay with Points pane reappear. You can adjust the points and click the REDEEM button again.

  • Yes. There are now enrollment options when:1) A new customer creates a new account on eComm. 2) An existing customer is not enrolled in BoyneRewards logs in. BoyneRewards members will not see the option to enroll as they are already enrolled.