What is available? And Where..

Need a quick review of where to grab your snacks, rental skis, or find a bathroom?  Our lodges offer all the amenities you expect of a Ski Area.

Let us give you the tour!

Girls Boot up at the Main Base Lodge

Main Base Lodge

Located on Mountain Rd, and open every day during the winter season the Main Base Lodge is the hub for all activities.

Tickets and Rentals may be purchased onsite at the Ticket Booth located outside the Main Base Lodge on the parking lot level.

The Rental Department should be entered through the exterior doors on the parking lot level of the building.

The cafeteria is situated in the middle of the ground floor and is your quick stop to refuel and refresh with breakfast, lunch, grab-and-go dinners, and your selection of non-alcoholic beverages.

Blizzard’s pub our licensed restaurant is on the upper level of the Lodge. The guest entrance is located on the deck.

Ski Patrol is situated on the parking lot level of the main base lodge beneath Guest Services on the entrance closest to the Alpine Sugar Haus.

There are bathrooms on each level of the Main Base Lodge. 

If you have any questions while onsite please ask any of our friendly staff. We are happy to help you.

Family enjoys lunch on The East Basel Lodge Deck

The East Base Lodge

Located .8 miles down Mountain Rd from the Main Base Lodge, sits the East Base Lodge. This lesser frequented lodge is open weekends and holidays when access is available during the winter season.

There is ample parking at the East Are Lot and the deck is a particularly nice spot to spend a sunny day.

Tickets and Rentals may not be purchased at the East Base lodge, but you may go directly to the lift with your preloaded Go Card.

The cafeteria is situated on the ground floor off the deck and is your quick stop to refuel and refresh with light meals, snacks, and all kinds of beverages.

Ski Patrol is located on the parking lot level as are the bathrooms.