Uphill Access

Pleasant Mountain welcomes and supports our guests seeking to enjoy the mountain utilizing uphill travel with an Alpine Touring setup (No snowshoeing, cross-country equipment, or hiking is permitted). For the safety of everyone on the mountain, we ask that our guests follow the guidelines. All travel is done at the individual’s risk.

All uphill participants have acknowledged that they know and will adhere to the Maine Skier Statute and the Maine Recreational Use Statute.

There is ONLY ONE designated route for uphill travel (Kancamagus – Jack Spratt).  

2023-24 Uphill Access

  • All participants are required to have an uphill access pass - swing into  Guest Services to get your card
  • Season Passholders can receive an Uphill Access Pass free of charge, you must pick it up in Guest Services. It is valid every day of the week until the lights are on.
  • Non-passholders can purchase an Uphill Access Season Pass is $100. This is valid every day of the week until the lights are on. Alternatively, a day uphill pass is $12.  Either can be picked up in Guest Services.
  • Your pass, is not transferable and must be on you.
  • Pleasant Mountain personnel reserve the right to do spot checks at all times.
  • Kancamangus is the designated trail to get to Mid-Station.

You are not permitted to ride the chairlift with an Uphill Ticket.

Uphill travel is prohibited between 4 pm and 6 am. Please respect and be familiar with the mountain’s hours of operation. Headlamps and reflective clothing are recommended during sunrise ascents


At the beginning of the season, uphill access is not permitted due to snowmaking and grooming operations.  Access will be permitted once Kanc/Spratt are open for the season. Please refer to the Snow Report for updates

  • Closed trails are prohibited at all times.
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted.
  • Sledding, Hiking, and Snowshoeing are not permitted on the mountain at any time.
  • Camping is not permitted on the mountain at any time.

Ski Patrol reserves the exclusive right to close the mountain to uphill access as conditions and skier traffic may dictate. 

Any person using any facilities in the ski area is considered a skier and is required to adhere to and obey all posted information and be aware of trail closures and other operational considerations. Be especially aware of other skiers and riders. Snowmobiles, snowcats, snowmaking hoses, and guns may be encountered at any time and the skier assumes all risks


Participants must also be aware of, and avoid mountain hazards. Individuals are prohibited from within 25 feet of the following:

  •    Snowmaking hoses 
  •    Fan Gun Power Lines
  •    Snowmaking hydrants
  •    Snow guns
  •    Snowmobiles – Stay visible.
  •    Snow Cats – Stay visible. ASSUME THEY CAN NOT SEE YOU!